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  About Supreme Meats

Supreme Meats current deals exclusively in the development and manufacturing of "specialty" meat products which are formulated to meet customer demand.


The company has three divisions:


RETAIL – sells to the retail and wholesale outlets such as Kohl’s, Roundy’s, Cub’s, Pick ‘N Save and many others in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan


FOOD SERVICE – sells bulk pack products to full-line food distributors who resell the products to restaurants, schools, hospitals, cafeterias, and many other feeding services. This division sells products in 15 states from Montana to Maryland and as far south as Florida.


CONTRACT MANUFACTURING – products are produced for re-sale through other manufacturers.


David Stawski, Gene’s son, has been involved with the business since the late 1960’s but became fully involved in 1977 when the company moved to St. Francis. David oversaw the construction of the new facility and upon its completion became involved in daily plant operations and production for the next several years. He is now the President of Supreme Meats, Inc. and oversees every aspect of the company’s business. Mary Stawski, David’s wife, is the Corporate Secretary. David’s parents retired from the company in 1995 but have maintained close ties with the company that they started.



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